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Dear Reader,

Today’s theme is travel, or rather; travel & yoga. Because, how do I actually integrate the two, combined with our three kids 😉!


Travel has always been a big part of my life. As a 16-year-old girl, I knew exactly what I wanted to study; namely, Tourism. With the reason that I wanted to see and discover the world, and what better way to combine this with your work? And that worked out, I got to work for many years for (the best!) tour operator the Netherlands has known, Oad Reizen. Forever I will be grateful to them for giving me a chance as a “fresh graduate ” with a job as an Account Manager, a job that actually requires work experience. But apparently they saw something in me, and I have had the opportunity to learn and travel an immense amount as a result. Those trips have meant so much for me, because with travelling you create new experiences (equals more knowledge!), you make memories, learn from other cultures, learn more about yourself, just to name a few benefits.

Travelling & Yoga

That’s why I love the combo, travel and yoga. Both, among other things, lower your stress levels and provide an absolute “boost in happiness”. Removing yourself from your normal routine and familiar environment allows your brain to reset and renew itself. In addition, traveling to (new) destinations gives you the opportunity to meet new people, experience different cultures and learn new skills. Everyone knows the feeling of being “reborn” when you return from vacation, am I right? Full of new inspiration, ideas and positive energy?

Therefore, since I practice yoga, my yoga mat goes with me on every trip. That doesn’t mean you necessarily have to stand on your yoga mat for an hour every day. Yoga is just as suitable when you have a small amount of time. By the way, roll out your yoga mat immediately when you arrive at your vacation rental, it is many times more inviting than when it is rolled up in a corner 😉. Because this way you will find that even at certain moments, when you don’t have much time, you can still do some short stretching or breathing exercises.

Because I have been practicing yoga since our children were little, they are used to it and it actually always goes very relaxed and naturally. Or they run and dance around me, but even more often they actually participate with me, it inspires them and that makes me of course very happy.

But don`t get me wrong, I too know the so-called vacation stress, having to do everything; packing, getting the house in order, work i.c.w. all other obligations. By that I mean that I too am not always 100% relaxed, I too have days when I am higher in my stress and find it just hard to relax, let alone practice yoga, we are all humas after all 😊!

Southern France → Surfing

As you read this blog, we are on our way to a new destination, namely Hossegor, southern France. It has been a dream of my husband since many years to travel here, because Atlantic Ocean equals “surfing” and that for him is a form of total meditation. And I can relate, looking away into a never ending ocean is an absolute form of total relaxation for me. So for now, my Yoga mat is packed, along with two surfboards, skateboards and “all-weather” clothing.

So keep an eye on my Instagram page over the next week for some “Ocean Content” 😊.

Love Tamara


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  • Alisa Hesse
    April 6, 2024 7:02 pm

    Doing Yoga with the Kids is so nice. it teachs them so much!
    I’m pretty excited how it worked out for you on the seaside. Hope they do Yoga with you right on the beach while watching the sunset 😍
    tell us more in you’re next blog


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