Het belang van een goede yoga mat

The importance of a good Yoga mat

Yoga equipment

In my first “Yoga years,” I never brought my own mat to my yoga class, but used my teacher Bharti’s mats. She teaches (to this day) in her beautiful garden in Corralejo, Fuerteventura. Because the weather in Fuerte is good all year round, she can actually teach outside practically all the time, with exceptions of course ­čśŐ. But back to the topic at hand, how important is having a good yoga mat really?

One of the many advantages of yoga is that you don’t need much for it, which means you can actually practice yoga “anywhere,” even without a mat. However, having a good yoga mat offers many benefits, of course; first of all, a yoga mat provides you with more grip and keeps you from sliding. You are more stable and this also allows you to stand longer in a certain position. In addition, of course, there is also more comfort if you practice Yoga on a mat instead of on the (hard) ground. The third benefit is insulation, especially during relaxation exercises, a yoga mat can keep you from getting cold. Finally of course hygiene, if you have your actual yoga mat, at least you can be sure that you have a clean mat that is only used by you.

My two favorites:

But which material for a yoga mat suits you best? I hereby give you my two favorites, first of all the “Cork Yoga mat”; cork is waterproof and antistatic, it is resistant to dust, insects and water. In addition, a yoga mat made of cork contains no toxins or chemicals. Many materials used to make yoga mats are full of harmful chemicals. So pay close attention to this when purchasing a yoga mat. Second is the “Sheep Wool Yoga mat,” the first benefit of which is, of course, warmth and insulation, which can be especially pleasant if you practice yoga in cold unheated rooms. Sheep wool is breathable, wicking away sweat and keeping the mat fresh. This makes it ideal for intense yoga sessions. The material is eco-friendly, it has a natural grip, so you won’t slip even if you sweat. Finally, wool is known for its durability and resistance to wear, so sheep’s wool yoga mats last a long time.

Click here for more info on the Cork Yoga mat:

Click here for more info on the Sheep Wool Yoga mat:

Thank you for reading my blog, I hope the info is helpful. Now if you would like to know more about a specific (Yoga related) topic, please leave a comment below in the comments and maybe I will cover this topic in my next blog ­čśŐ.


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