“Positive mindset”


It is 2014, I am 31 years old, I have experienced some setbacks in the past year, both privately and professionally. It was not an easy year, for me, but certainly not for my loved ones either. I forced myself to use these setbacks and turn them into something positive, it gave me a chance to rethink everything, to redefine my path. After all, what do I really want? What are my dreams? Haven’t I always had the dream of living abroad, somewhere where the sun shines a lot and the “rush” is out of everyday life?

Hi, I’m Tamara

Hello dear reader, my name is Tamara, born and raised in the Netherlands. I come from a very happy and warm family, grew up with a lot of love around me. With two loving parents and the best sister I could wish for. My father, a real down-to-earth Dutchman and my dear mother who, with her Indonesian roots, made my childhood even “richer.”

Throughout my childhood and schooling, I experienced as well as much happiness and love. After high school, I am 16 years young, I decide to enroll in a School for Tourism. I made that choice at the time because even then I felt I wanted to see the world, I wanted to travel, learn about other cultures, learn to speak new languages. Fast forward; 7 years later I graduate from University and can immediately start my dream job by one of the biggest travel companies in the Netherlands. This job gives me the opportunity to grow personally, develop professionally, but above all travel, my big dream has come true.

From dream job to new insights

In the eight years that follow, I learn an awful lot, about myself, about the tourism industry and literally travel the world from New York to Thailand and from Namibia to the Caribbean. Until various events caused me to “lose” in all important areas, my job, my relationship and my home. As sad as that was, I was taught from home to be strong, but above all to think positively. And so said, so done

In the year that follows, I immediately find a new and challenging job, and I consider myself fortunate to be slowly rebuilding my life. In my business life, but also privately. In fact, on one of my (business) trips, I met someone special, and although at the time I had not realized how special he was, at a later time point I came to realize it more and more.

There follows a year of discovery, my new job, new friends and I travel a lot back and forth between the Netherlands and the Spanish island of Fuerteventura, still very naive and not knowing all that this island will bring me in the future.

You can read how this all continues here: moving to Fuerteventura.



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