Is Yoga class also possible online and what benefits do I experience?

Yoga classes

I’d like to take you to the year 2020, the world was down because of the pandemic. By now we were living in Mallorca and there we were allowed to leave our house for 7 weeks only for errands. With newborn twins and a 3-year-old quite a tough time. Again, the yoga classes were very important to me. It was no longer possible to take “live” classes, so I asked my yoga teacher at the time if it was possible to take online yoga classes with her. And as it turns out, online yoga classes are fantastic!

Online yoga classes: to do or not to do?

So be it, to this day this little group is still intact and we “see” each other weekly at our online yoga class. I have experienced in this way that taking a yoga class online is also quite possible; in fact, it also offers advantages. After all, you are very flexible, you take the class from the comfort of your own home, can create your own nice atmosphere here, you do not have to get on a bike or in a car, to name a few.

Yoga is a lifestyle

In recent years it has become increasingly clear to me that Yoga is not something you practice once a week, it becomes a part of your life, call it a lifestyle. You start living more consciously, listening to yourself better and recognizing signals your body is giving you faster.

You get to know your body better, so to speak, both physically and mentally. Yoga stands for balance, balancing the body and mind. Among other things, a balance in your body makes you more resilient to emotions, boosts your ability to concentrate and increases your self-confidence.

With yoga, you go back to the basics

Yoga is much more than just stretching your body, it’s about literally hitting the pause button and taking time for yourself. We live in a world where you (can) have 24-7 distractions, you can easily fall into a negative form of thinking because of the many news media, and (among other things) Yoga can help to get you back to basics, you start to think more positively and notice that there is so much to be grateful for, which by the way are often the little things, a ray of sunshine, a smile from a stranger or a hug from a loved one.

With my yoga classes I want to create a nice togetherness, in small groups, with an intimate and familiar atmosphere, a moment of rest for all of us.
Hope to see you soon ­čśŐ.


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